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Keep more of your money raised than other School Fun Run companies ... online leader boards, custom website,
our full support from start to finish. We are the Fun Run specialists in NZ

Fun Runs | Colour Runs | Mud Runs | Obstacle Runs ... you name it - Raise It can help

School Fun Run NZ
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With a Raise It School Fun Run keep more of your donations than other SchoolFunRun companies ... online leader boards, custom website, our full support from start to finish. We are the Fun Run school fundraising specialists in NZ.

Fun Run NZ | Colour Runs | A-thons | Mud Runs | Obstacle Runs ... you name it - Raise It can help with your school fundraising

Don't give away 40%+ of your donations to other platforms! Raise It have no upfront costs and you receive 90% of your total funds raised for your School Fun Run*

  * To find out more about how our fees work visit the HOW IT WORKS page


  1. Contact Raise It and we will assign you your very own Campaign Manager

  2. Raise It will build you a custom fundraising website with your own images & school branding. We will work with you to define your “why” to enable you to maximise your fundraising.
  3. Your Campaign Manager will work with you to plan your fundraising and map out key dates.

  4. Launch your Fundraising Website to your students

  5. Fundraise and see your real time donation totals and class/team totals on your fundraising website

  6. Hold your fundraising event

  7. Raise It pays our your fundraiser profits

With no upfront costs we build you a custom website, provide materials and content to promote your school fun run, provide a dedicated campaign manager to assist you every step of the way.

We provide schoolfunrun guides on running a successful fundraising event and have some of the lowest fees for this all inclusive package in New Zealand 

"We were thrilled with the outcome raising $35,000 for our school of which this company only takes a nominal fee, meaning our students get more of the direct benefit to them! I would highly recommend, they are fantastic!"
katherine Pascoe
Principal - Orewa Beach Primary School (300 participants in School Fun Run)

Our school fun runs or colour runs are one of the easiest fundraisers you can run for your school fundraising efforts. Kids taking part in a Raise It fundraiser have been known to call it the "best day ever!"


That's right - you won't pay anything at any stage to us for your fundraiser! Our fees for the fun run come out of the funds raised and the balance is deposited in your account.


We believe in creating a fair and equitable return for schools & clubs. That is why you will find our fees at 10% of total raised for your school fundraiser is the lowest of all similar school fun run programs.
See our How it Works page for more details on school fundraising.


Our team takes your brand and your school fundraising "why" and creates you your very own custom school fundraising website.


We know how time pressed volunteer fundraisers are so we have taken that stress away with all communications material hand crafted by us!


We don't just build you a website and leave you to it - you will receive step by step guidance from your own personal Raise It Campaign Manager.

We don't just do school fun runs - find our about our other great online school fundraising ideas and campaigns


Fun Runs - Colour Runs - Bike-a-thon - Read-a-thon - Spell-a-thon - Splash and Dash - Mud Runs ....


Cookie Dough - Pies/Savouries - First Aid - Sunscreen


How do we run a School Fun Run to help with our school fundraising efforts?

Running a school fun run or colour run with Raise It is easy. We guide you through the entire process from planning your fun run to building your fun run website and then launching the school fundraising event to your school. We build you a custom school fun run website and support that website for you becoming your IT Help desk for your event. We create your custom school fundraising “why” message and all content required to send home with your students explaining how your school fun run fundraiser will work. We provide all guides on how to maximise your school fun run outcome and we make sure you keep as much money raised as possible. Our fees at 10% is school fun run industry leading – our program is designed to raise maximum $$ and keep maximum $$. Find out more about how it works and makes sure you contact us for an info pack explaining how our Fun Run and other “Get Active” events programs work.