Online Fundraising for Schools and Clubs

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How does online fundraising work?

Find out how we work with you, what we charge and what we provide​

When you engage Raise It to assist with your fundraising we are there to support you through the entire end to end process

Find out how we work with you from initial communication through to celebrating your success.

1. Communicate

When you contact us one of our dedicated Campaign Managers will be assigned to work with you.

Raise It offer a wide portfolio of online fundraising options, your Campaign Manager will help you figure out what will work best for your fundraising calendar.


2. Plan

Our experienced Campaign Managers will work with you to design your end to end campaign strategy to supercharge your fundraising.

Once you have chosen your fundraiser and set a date we are ready to go and we can make a start on your fully customised website.


3. Build

Raise It then go to work on creating, editing and testing your custom built fundraising website.

This includes YOUR branding - your colours, your logo, your images and your fundraising message (which we will assist in crafting for you) .


4. Launch

On launch day you will have a comprehensive plan to get you from launch through to completion and maximise your revenue.

Whether it be ideas on how to publicise your campaign to a wider audience or hints and tips to incentivise your members.
All our campaigns are tried and tested and designed to get your results.


5. Support

Your designated Campaign Manager will be working with you for the duration of your campaign. Able to offer assistance, ideas, answering questions and assisting you through the process.

Raise It also provide online support to your supporters, so any issues and queries they might have – we take care of.


6. Celebrate

After helping you plan your campaign, building your website and supporting you through the duration of your fundraiser – we look forward to you celebrating your success.

Find out exactly how each of our different online fundraisers work

What do we do and what does it cost?

With any Raise It Fundraiser there are no upfront costs. Read on for more information on what you get and what it costs.

What do you get


All Platform Fees and Credit Card Fees included in our event fees or product sale profits (see below for more details on fees)


Your own custom built fundraising website


Your own Raise It Campaign Manager


Full support for your Fundraisers and Supporters during your campaign – we become your “IT Helpdesk”


Access to our tried and tested Team based fundraising incentives program


Fundraiser plan and communications materials


Fundraising Campaign Type

Costs (excl GST)*

Product Fundraisers –  Sell our awesome range of fundraising products online – no upfront costs, low admin, no cash!! (e.g. Sunscreen, Pies, Popcorn, Sweet Treats, Cookies, First Aid)


Our fees for our Product Fundraisers are built into the pricing of the products we have available for sale.

You will receive the profit per unit as shown on the individual pricing sheets for these products in our info pack (less a small admin/delivery fee for smaller fundraisers – this is documented in the info pack).

Please ask your Campaign Manager for info or REQUEST AN INFORMATION PACK for detailed info on profits per product.

  • “Get Active” Event e.g. Fun  Run, Colour Run etc
  • Athon Fundraisers
  • Virtual Event

For our “Get Active”, Athons and virtual fundraisers our all inclusive package costs just 10% of Total Funds Donated (Excl GST). This covers everything listed above.

Our “Get Active”, Athons and Virtual events have a minimum fee of $500 – so as long as your raise $5,000 you get 90% of total raised paid to your account (assuming you can claim back the GST on our invoice otherwise it is 88.5% if you can’t)

Note: We take our fee from funds raised so you are never out of pocket.  

REMEMBER: OUR FEES INCLUDE YOUR CREDIT CARD PROCESSING FEES – THERE ARE NO HIDDEN FEES! (* See info below about optional top up fees for supporters)