Reviews & Testimonials

“Raise It takes the hard work and hours of admin out of fundraising with amazing results! Highly recommend!”
Kelly McColl - PFTA
Stella Maris School
'Raise It' was amazingly helpful in setting up our 'slightly out of the ordinary' Challenge Fundraiser. Set up happened in less than a week and we were able to start fundraising even during lock down, which helped keep our club members motivated to get back to their sport. I would highly recommend Raise It as the easiest and most helpful fundraising company around!! Nothing was too much trouble
Heather Mason
Eastern Suburb Gymnastics Club
“Going online with Raise It we nearly doubled our previous totals and reduced our admin”
Fiona Southgate - Deputy Principal
Gulf Harbour School
This was the first year we had looked at the idea of online fundraising, and we decided to give it a go. We spoke with the Raise It fundraising team, and they were very accommodating with our huge list of questions in the lead up, during and after the event. When we began on our fundraising for this years Bikeathon it was before any of the COVID-19 pandemic had started. We had to postpone our event, and then we were unsure as to whether or not we should continue at all. We decided to give it a go, and see what we could make of it. It ended up being our best year of fundraising yet for our annual Bikeathon! The school and community really got behind the online fundraising component, and the kids, families and school seemed to really enjoy seeing the totals grow, and it was so easy! It was so worth it! We would highly recommend getting raiseit behind your next fundraiser, you won't regret it!
Kate Doherty - Chairperson
Friends of Wainui School
“We were thrilled with the outcome raising $35,000 for our school of which this company only takes a nominal fee, meaning our students get more of the direct benefit to them! I would highly recommend, they are fantastic!" - 2020
Katherine Pascoe - Principal
Orewa Beach School
“We used Raise it this year for the second year running as we had such huge success with it last year raising 35k. We weren't' sure how we would go this year with COVID however we still banked 24k which exceeded our expectations. The Raise it team are fantastic to work with, all the hard work is done, nothing is a hassle for them, it's all set up for you ready to go! The competition between students and classes absolutely drives up the money. The easiest way to fundraise!” - 2021
Katherine Pascoe - Principal
Orewa Beach School
As a parent, I’m not a fan of school fundraisers because it usually involves multiple trips with the kids to visit the neighbours with a sign-up sheet. Raise It Fundraising was a breath of fresh air. We were able to share a personalised link online to all our friends and family and they could donate directly. No more door knocking. No more little bags of change. Soooo much more money donated!
Natalie Chapman - Parent
Orewa Beach School