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Tips for a Successful School Fundraiser

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We offer tips to help you smash your school and club fundraising goals and maximise your fundraising efforts with NO Upfront costs, no cash to count, and low admin for your fundraising committee. Read our tips for a successful fundraiser below!

Set your school fundraising goal

Firstly, set a fundraising goal of what you are fundraising for and what you would like to achieve with this fundraiser. Then choose a fundraising campaign best suited for your school’s fundraising goal. You can be as specific as a school readathon towards new books for the school library or as non-specific as a school fun run towards improving the overall school or club.

Create a compelling ‘why’ message

Create a compelling and motivating ‘why’ message for your fundraising campaign. If it’s clear what your school is fundraising for and what the funds are going towards, donors are more likely to support your fundraiser.

Find sponsors for your school fundraiser

Contact businesses in your local community and ask if they would be in a position to sponsor or donate to your school or club for your fundraising campaign. These could be contributions in a monetary form, products or services, vouchers, or volunteers – the options are endless. In return for their contribution, you can promote their business on your school fundraising website, newsletter, school notification app, and anywhere else relevant.

Communicate and promote

Clearly communicate the specifics of your fundraising campaign within your organisation. Ensure all staff members and volunteers understand what your fundraiser is and how it’s going to run. Advertising and sharing your fundraiser is crucial to the success of the fundraiser. An online school fundraising campaign is the most efficient platform to create buzz and awareness for your fundraising campaign. Social media is a great way to spread the word, encouraging fundraisers and volunteers to share the message.

Create fundraising prizes and motivational options

Motivate staff, students, club members, and supporters. Raise It provides you with templates and advice on optimising your school fundraiser, encouraging people to sign up and promoting your fundraiser to friends and families. Our platform uses leader boards and sales reports to enable us to track donations and sales by individuals or teams.

Use team-based fundraising and leader boards

Use the leader boards to incentivise fundraisers to “go in the draw to win XXXX” if they raise or sell the most. This can be great for individuals or team-based fundraising. Motivate the donors by communicating what the funds will be going towards, showing design plans, uniform sneak peeks, etc.

Recognise and reward for fundraiser participation

Once your fundraising campaign is complete, it’s important to thank your fundraisers, supporters, and donors. Create a clear message with campaign achievements and how the funds raised will benefit your school or club.

Evaluate and review your NZ school fundraiser

A post-campaign analysis is a great way to measure and evaluate the success of your fundraising efforts and activities. Internal reviews of those directly involved with running the campaign are crucial to note what worked and what could have been more effective. External reviews are also important to the contribution of the post-campaign analysis. It could be from the student’s perspective, the donor, or the purchaser’s views on the campaign, and if there was any feedback to improve for the next campaign.

Ready to start fundraising?

If you want first-hand knowledge of Raise It campaigns, read some testimonies from past campaign customers. When you engage Raise It to assist with your fundraising, we are there to support you through the entire end-to-end process. Get in touch today to learn more!