Online Fundraising for Schools and Clubs

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What are the top School Fundraising Ideas in NZ?

Does your school need to fundraise? Go Raise It are the online school fundraising experts in New Zealand. Click below to find out more about our Event (Fun Run, Colour Run), Athon and Product fundraisers.

Across New Zealand PTA’s and fundraising committee’s are working hard fundraising for their schools. Go Raise It has a large number of easy to run fundraising ideas designed to make your fundraising super easy.

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A fun run or colour run fundraiser is a great fundraising idea to boost much needed school funds. With Raise It’s online fundraising program your fundraising is all done online reducing the overall admin effort required by both staff and volunteers. Your online fundraising website allows students to have their own fundraising page to share with friends and family.


Schools have been fundraising with Athons for years and using paper forms to collect sponsorship. With a Raise It athon school fundraiser you get a custom built fundraising site so students can have their own Athon fundraising page to collect sponsorship on. No more going back to collect cash, no more cash to manage in the classroom and office. An easy school fundraising idea!

Our Rocky Road is exclusive in NZ to Go Raise It. It comes in 5 delicious flavours and is allergy friendly (gluten free). Like all our product fundraisers it is extremely easy to run with our custom built fundraising site for your fundraisers to collect their orders on. Our system does all the heavy lifting with reports to make your life easy.

Selling something everyone loves as a treat as your next fundraiser is a great way to raise much needed school funds. Even better is getting rid of the paper order forms and cash to count and manage and going online on our custom built product fundraiser websites. In 1 minutes a student/parent can set up their own fundraising sales page to sell our delicious cookie dough nuggets. Go Raise It handle all the order tracking with custom order reports so everyone knows who has sold what.

This fundraiser will appeal to many of your supporters – who doesn’t drink one of them in their household? Our organic range is made for Go Raise It right here in NZ. With 3 types of coffee and 5 gorgeous teas in caddies this fundraising idea is sure to be a success in your school.

There is nothing better than a freshly baked croissant on a Sunday morning. Your fundraiser supporters are going to love this product and it is super affordable too. These little frozen croissant nuggets come in bags of 20 and are delicious. You can run your frozen croissant fundraiser on our platform with a custom website just for you.

First Aid fundraisers are a great product fundraising idea for schools and clubs. All done online reduces the admin with no order forms to manage and no cash to count. Fundraisers simply setup their fundraising pages and start selling. We track everything and provide reports for pick up day.

Fundraising ideas for schools

The majority of schools need to fundraise in some capacity over the duration of the school year – so here are some school fundraising ideas.  It is widely accepted that most schools don’t have enough funds to give students the full learning experience, inside and outside the classroom that parents, teachers and school principals alike – believe their children deserve. Thus the school fundraising committee plays an integral role in enhancing a child’s schooling journey through the power of fundraising ideas.

The school fundraising team is usually made up of a group of enthusiastic, committed parents whose main purpose is to come up with fundraising ideas and raise funds through school fundraising events. Here we cover some easy to run school fundraising ideas that require low effort for the fundraising team.

The Go Raise It team can help with a large number of ideas for fundraising for schools nz. Whether it is a Fun Run, Colour Run or our super popular Frozen Cookie Dough fundraiser our team can assist.

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